How To Elevate Your Brand Through Your Website

A website is more than just a digital shopfront; it’s the cornerstone of your online presence and crucial for attracting and engaging potential customers. The design, look and feel of your website should sing and dance your brand and make it super clear to prospective consumers that you are the answer they’re looking for.

We’re not just talking aesthetics — though your website should certainly look the part. Every aspect of your site should radiate your brand’s essence. From the minute detail of how a cursor rolls across the screen, to the tone of voice used across the web copy… when it comes to amplifying your brand experience online, no stone should be left unturned.

Every (0.05 of a) Second Counts

According to some recent data from Stanford University, it takes us less than 5 milliseconds to make up our mind about a website. That’s an incredibly short period of time, so better make it count. Here, we explore some of the ways you can elevate your brand through your website to really make an impact.

Brand Extension

These days, brands can exist on many platforms; whether that’s on social media, online, in-store, in advertising, or a mix of the above. So, it’s super important that your customer’s experience of your brand is consistent across every touchpoint. That is, the IRL experience shouldn’t jar with the online one, and vice-versa.

For our project with Gather Round, we created a refreshed brand identity that puts  emphasis on the creative people that use their spaces; with a website that reflects the diverse, ever-evolving network. Online, each individual element — from thoughtful messaging to playful interactions, has been designed to offer moments of joy, whilst acting as a window into the Gather Round community.


Rather than thinking of your brand and website as two separate entities, start to think of your website as an extension of your brand. This is where the value of having a strong brand strategy pays off in dividends. A well-considered brand strategy underpins the visual and verbal identity of your business and helps to shape a recognisable aesthetics across lots of different touch points, including digital.



Gather Round 10

Pushing a Brand’s Limitations

Of course, the core elements of the brand identity should be consistent on your website. That is — colours, typefaces, graphical elements, tone of voice, illustrations, photography, and more. But beyond that, a website is also a chance to push the brand to its full potential.

When it came to creating a website for natural wine purveyors, Native Vine, we seized the opportunity to amp up the charisma of the brand. Breaking down the stereotypical image of a stuffy wine sommelier, we developed a playful interactive wine selector that allows customers to have fun whilst discovering wines suited to their preferences.


Consistency is Key

Think of your website as your virtual shop. Just like any shop, it needs to be inviting, showcase the products well, and tell the story of your brand. Make it super simple for potential customers to understand what you offer and decide whether you are the solution to their problem.

Consistency is key to creating a strong brand identity that makes customers feel confident they’re in the right place. Even when it comes to B2B businesses, applying your brand consistently across your website not only oozes professionalism, it also creates all-important brand recognition. The more someone can understand and align themselves with your website, the more they’re likely to think of your business as a trusted source.

A Memorable Experience

Memorable in a good way — not a ‘load time of 5 minutes’ way. User experience (UX) is critical in keeping your customers on your website. By making your website easy to navigate and intuitive, it empowers people to easily discover what they’re after; whether that’s a purchase, contact number or more info. In integrating great UX into a website, you not only prolong your prospective consumer’s stay, but also increase their inclination to engage in your brand and act on any calls to action.

Made to Move

But beyond making it easy to suss out, user experience can also tell the story of your brand. When it came to designing a website for electrical flight pioneers, Vertical, our digital team found inspired ways to bring the brand to life in the digital realm.

One of the main challenges was bringing the concept of electric air travel from science-fiction to science-fact. Working with project partners, we crafted content that helps to frame everything in the present day, through the eyes of the passenger. This included a suite of illustrations, new website copy, CGI images, and a new library of photography. We used a documentary-like art direction to offer a glimpse of the work that goes on behind the scenes to make electric flight a reality. Playing with depth of field and obstructed framing devices make it feel like the viewer is a part of the action.

Meanwhile, motion is utilised on the site to evoke a feeling of upward and forward momentum. This is brought to life through scroll-based transitions and interactions, offering visitors a smooth ride and gentle landing. The way elements move across the screen, whether it’s subtle animations or dynamic transitions, can effectively convey the personality of your brand in a way that words and images can’t do alone.

By carefully crafting motion elements in line with your brand’s values and aesthetic, you can create an engaging and memorable online experience that leaves a lasting impression.


Everything Counts

Your choice of photography, copy and tone of voice, and illustrations all convey specific messages about your values and target audience. For example, high-quality professional photography communicates a commitment to excellence and attention to detail, while candid and authentic images can evoke a sense of relatability and human connection. Each area of a website has an opportunity to reinforce a narrative or resonate with a customer on an emotional level, so strategic thinking and attention to detail is paramount.


A Competitive Digital Landscape

Your website is not just a tool for conversion. It’s a powerful asset for building and elevating your brand. Through thoughtful design and content, your website can convey so much of your brand’s values, mission and personality. Investing in your website, and someone’s experience of your online presence is a strategic move toward establishing a strong and impactful brand in an increasingly competitive digital landscape.

Think your website should be working harder for you and your brand? Drop us an email — we’d love to hear from you.

Photograph of Nathalie Crease

Words By Nathalie Crease


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