Bringing Back the Joy of Summer

Think back to summer holidays when you were a child: indistinct chatter from  back-garden BBQs, a waft of smoke in the air, late evening bike rides, rolling down grass hills… The days went by in a haze, melting into one another. It was the ultimate carefree freedom.

As a child, summer was something to truly relish in. A period of time to be soaked up, not observed from a window. When September rolled around and the school gates re-opened, it was all about reuniting with old friends and swapping summertime stories alongside sandwiches. Everyone had their own tales to tell.

Bringing Back the Joy of Summer 10

A nostalgic buzz of excitement

Summer Hours aren’t exactly school holidays, but they’re perhaps the next best thing. For 6 weeks over the summer months, the whole Fiasco team downs tools on a Thursday and takes a long weekend. With salaries remaining the same and holiday allowance untouched, it’s essentially an extra 6 days off to spend however we please. With total freedom to enjoy, it gives us that same nostalgic buzz of excitement synonymous with the summer holidays of our childhood.

As adults, summer grants only a brief respite from the day-to-day  — perhaps a fleeting trip away or cherished weekends spent with family and friends. But it certainly doesn’t leave us feeling refreshed in the way it used to. Of course, there’s holiday allowance, but many of us need to be mindful of these precious days. Plus, if you’re a parent, you’ll be well aware of the struggle to cover a whopping 13 weeks of school holidays. So having an extra 6 days to play with is a real treat.


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Bringing Back the Joy of Summer 2

Filling our metaphorical cups

The truth is that as adults, we aren’t granted the same freedom to rest and rejuvenate. Societally, we don’t place enough importance on taking time out to recharge; to fill our metaphorical cups. To teach our children how to ride a bike. To learn how to make kimchi. To finish the DIY project we started ages ago. To hit up the exhibitions that inspire us. To read a book with the sun on our face. To make memories. To tap into the small things that bring so much joy.


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Bringing Back the Joy of Summer 1
Bringing Back the Joy of Summer 6

Adults need summer holidays, too

There’s tons of evidence showing that taking Fridays off during the summer boosts motivation and productivity. According to recent data, more than 66% of employees report feeling more productive in a 4-day week. A quick Google search will pull up a whole host of articles aimed at employers on how a reduced working week makes smart business sense. Which it definitely does.

But above all that, we run Summer Hours because it makes us feel good. It brings back that nostalgic thrill of carefree ‘do anything’ excitement we remember of childhood summers. And if you ask us, that’s reason enough.


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Photograph of Nathalie Crease

Words By Nathalie Crease


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