Photo shows a woman with brown curly hair sat down in front of a blue sofa in Gather Round, holding a brown and white puppy and a Gather Round postcard.

Shaping a brand identity and website for Gather Round – a vibrant community of creative professionals.


Designed by creatives for creatives, Gather Round is a growing network of 220+ like-minded professionals that go to work everyday and sit, write, design, consult and hang out next to each other. Soaking up the energy, passion and positivity from the ideas and expertise of other creative folk.

Co-working is an increasingly saturated market. With new spaces popping up all the time, it was time for Gather Round to highlight its genuine point of difference: creative community.

With two sites in Bristol — and a third on the horizon, Gather Round tasked us with creating an expansive brand toolkit that could convey the bustling nature of a growing, diverse creative community.


Community First

The refreshed brand is organised under the strategic banner of ‘we’re more creative together’. With the intention of shifting the proposition towards more of a lifestyle offering, the new strategy puts the emphasis on community first, and co-working second. Rather than being a desk for hire, Gather Round is a place to belong. Because, unlike other co-working spaces, their members don’t just use the space — they shape it.



Gather Round 1

Photo shows a gathering of people over breakfast in Gather Round. In the foreground there is pastries and a group of women talking, with people making coffee in the background.

Typography and Colour

With such a diverse offering, we wanted a typographic system that would work hard to carry that message. Pairing serif (GT Alpina) and san serif (Nacelle) gives the identity a nostalgic tinge whilst still feeling fresh and current. When combined, the typography toes the line between creative flair and accessibility.

A bold, confident new colour palette grants the freedom to express the brand in a more playful, energetic way that talks directly to an audience of creative professionals.

Image shows the typography used for Gather Round branding.
Image shows a poster advertising Gather Round. It has a white background and large, oversized text advertising its main selling points.
A4 poster advertising Gather Round being held. There is large, oversized red text and an image of one of the spaces underneath.
Mock up billboard for Gather Round in an underpass
Image shows a Gather Round poster. White A4 poster with blue text, in large font it reads 'Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner'.
Gather Round postcard next to a coffee maker. The postcard is blue, with white writing that reads: Creativity in progress.
Business card for the team members. The business card is red with large white text. Set on a blue background.
A mock up of some social posts that shows the brand in action.

Moments of Charm

Elsewhere, slightly surreal illustrative elements inject moments of wit and imagination into the branding. This adds much-needed moments of charm and wit to what otherwise might be functional areas of the Gather Round experience.



An overview of some illustrations used in the Gather Round brand. The background is a blue/green colour with fine green single line illustrations, which are quirky and fun.
A mock up of a poster to be used in the spaces that says 'Dishwasher in use'


A New Digital Home

Alongside the new brand we designed and built a new digital home that helps to establish the brand positioning as more than just a place to work.

Designed for an audience of creative professionals, the website has been meticulously crafted to excite and inspire.

Every element, from thoughtful messaging to playful interactions has been designed to offer moments of joy, whilst acting as a window into the Gather Round community.




In an effort to further amp up the brand’s lifestyle feel, we commissioned local illustrator Con McHugh to produce a line of t-shirts. Intended to reflect streetwear trends, the merch was designed to make people feel and look good whether they’re inside Gather Round or out and about in the city.

Gather Round 3

Photo shows two women at opposite sides of a table in Gather Round's communal area laughing. In the background there is a woman wearing the branded Gather Round tshirt and making a coffee.
Photo shows three women in Gather Round branded tshirts. Their faces are not visible. The tshirts are white with blue illustration on the back and a logo on the front.
Mock up of a Gather Round branded tote bag. The bag is blue, with a white handle and says 'A home for creativity'.
Working with Fiasco on the rebrand has been like having a seamless extension of our team. They delved deep into the essence of what it means to be a member and ran with it to create our new look, consistently delivering on time and within budget. We're delighted with the result, we feel this process has truly leveraged our brand and they are an absolute pleasure to work with!
Danie, Marketing Director at Gather Round

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