In the Net: Typofun this week! Type Genius, Aerial Bold, Google and a clever new font for dyslexics.

This weeks In the Net is a full of typographic goodness. It includes a beautifully designed printed takeaway by Manual Creative, web tools to help you find the best type combinations and a new typeface designed to help dyslexics read faster. Enjoy.


Google Material Design

Google Material design

Google recently rolled out a new visual language across all it’s different platforms and devices. In turn, Google instructed California based design studio Manual Creative to create a limited edition printed takeaway for it’s 2014 I/O conference.


Type Genius
Type Genius

Designers that work with type will sometimes come up against a brick wall when looking for a unique font combination. Type Genius allows users to simply and smartly ‘find the perfect font combo for your next project’.


Yosemite System Font Replacement

System font replacement

Bored of the Helvetica based system font on your OS X Yosemite? Well now you can change it! In just a few easy steps, you can change the look of Yosemite (for the better).


Aerial Bold

Aerial Bold – A new font using satellite imagery

This is a treat for the type nerds among us. An in-depth look into Kris Sowersby’s design of a new typeface for the Financial Times. Particularly noteable for it’s honesty, the Creative Review article shows an interest in early misdirections and how just a small word from colleagues can influence a whole project. Warning! type nerd alert rating: high.



Dyslexie font – Designed to help dyslexics read better

Designed by young Dutch designer Christian Boer, Dyslexie focuses on making sure letters are distinguishable enough from one and other. Vast studies have shown that 84% of readers with dyslexia could read the text faster using Dyslexie font rather than a standard typeface.

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