In the Net: Videos galore! Featuring Okay Go’s epic new video, an IKEA halloween and the 2014 John Lewis Christmas Ad

What a week! It’s lively in the studio here, and I bet it has been for you too. During all the hubbub, here’s what we caught from the noise on the world wide web this week.

Okay Go — I Won’t Let You Down

Well and truly getting away from the small-scale, but intricate affairs of their previous videos, this one is epic. Hang in their: it’s around 4 minutes in your jaw will begin to drop. Enjoy.


Pelican Books Relaunch

Tooting our own horn a bit here, but this one’s a big deal. Pelican Books have launched their new online e-reader after bringing the old Penguin brand back from the dead earlier this year. Absolutely fascinating reading if you’re looking to expand your horizons. While designing this, we found ourselves hooked on some of these seminal reads.

IKEA Halloween

IKEA Singapore released a clever spooky advert for their late night openings. Even if you don’t get the reference to the Shining, it would still be gloriously spooky and fun.

Creative Review: Financial Times Redesign

A New Typeface for the Financial Times

This is a treat for the type nerds among us (all of us). An in-depth look into Kris Sowersby’s design of a new typeface for the Financial Times. Particularly noteable for it’s honesty, the Creative Review article shows an interest in early misdirections and how just a small word from colleagues can influence a whole project. Warning! type nerd alert rating: high.

John Lewis Christmas Ad 2014 – Monty the Penguin

And to finish on a high. The inevitable, the indomitable John Lewis Christmas Ad. “What have you done with my heart!? Can I have it back please.” #MontyThePenguin

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