We worked alongside Bristol charity and interactive non-profit venue We The Curious, on campaign creative to launch their Project What If exhibition following months of closure due to COVID-19. Developing on the existing We The Curious branding, we produced a city-wide campaign that worked in both print and digital.

Perhaps best described as an indoor festival celebrating the world of science, We The Curious is a place to explore and discover. Turning the experience of a science museum visit on its head, We The Curious cultivates a culture of curiosity.

As the centre’s first major exhibition in 20 years, Project What If entices its visitors to become active participants through exploration and interaction. From the beauty in a grain of sand to the possibility of time travel, Project What If centres around the things that intrigue us, the things that scare us, the things that unite us.

It was paramount for the brand identity to capture the inquisitive nature of Project What If. Using existing We The Curious branding, we conceptualised and brought to life questions based on seven themes that are explored through a cluster of exhibits in the Project What If exhibition space. The seven themes are Sand, Soul, Illness, Rainbows, Universe, Time, Invisibility.

Graphically, we began with loose and quick experiments using the We The Curious brand shape alphabet, colours and typography; playing with layout and arrangements that felt engaging before introducing photography.

The design taps into the well-established culture of curiosity the venue is renowned for, by providing a snapshot of what you can expect inside its doors. Using shapes and macro-photography as a lens into the exhibition, it aims to inspire others to share the exhibition’s enthusiasm for all of life’s questions.

We The Curious 5
We The Curious 11
We The Curious The shapes, spelling 'What If' become a window into the exhibition
We The Curious 1
We The Curious 10
We The Curious 8
We’re so grateful to Fiasco Design for their generous support as we got back on our feet post-lockdown. The team offered a new perspective on our offer and brand, and this has resulted in a beautiful, eye-catching campaign that really captures the essence of our new exhibition. We’re delighted with our fresh, new look – thank you!
Ailsa Webster, Senior Marketing Officer

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