An energetic brand identity for a fintech app that’s racing ahead into the future of finance.


More than a wallet app, Venga empowers people to effortlessly discover, invest, and navigate the world of blockchain technologies and Web3. Bridging the gap between traditional finance and crypto, Venga are on a mission to help everyone get going and know where to go next.

Image shows a mock up of a billboard using the new Venga branding. The copy reads 'Get in on the future of finance'

Brand Idea

Harnessing themes of adventure, new discoveries and exciting journeys, we translated the inherent energy of the name ‘Venga’ into a brand idea that ensured we kept things big, bold, simple and energetic. Ready. Set. Venga!

Venga 1

Image of Venga brand in action, with copy that reads 'Web 3, $, Defi, Blockchain, Fiat, Tokens'. All words are in capital letters and in individual colourful lozenge shapes.

An Expressive Visual Language

The world of crypto can be cryptic. To appeal to a modern mainstream audience, we opted to cut through the complex jargon and metaverse clichés. Venga’s visual identity is simple, vibrant and unapologetically bold. Featuring punchy patterns, loud language and covetable custom coins.

Image of Venga brand in action, with 3 artworked squares showing different facets of the brand.
2 images side by side. The left image shows Venga UI on a mobile phone screen in someone's hand. The image on the right is the same screen but on an iWatch.

Covetable Coins

Most crypto coins look as if they’re trapped in the metaverse: shiny glass, iridescent metals or cheap 3D plastic. We created a suite of coins that people would want to actually ‘own’ — even if as digital assets.

Collaborating with our sister studio, Yatta, we took inspiration from premium product design to help inform a lusted-after look and feel, that also integrates the brand patterns for maximum ownability.

Image shows Venga brand custom coins. Multicoloured coins displayed in a pattern.
Image shows Venga brand in action, with 3 different applications of the brand on UI phone screens.
Image shows a mock up of a Venga billboard on a bus stop. The billboard has an orange background, with different coloured Venga coins around text that reads 'Discover, buy, sell, invest'.

Website and Product Experience

Working seamlessly with Venga’s in-house product team, we adapted the visual identity to align with the app itself. The comprehensive brand toolkit captures the essence of the in-app experience: a clean interface, intuitive UX, and delightful splashes of pattern and colour that resonate with and celebrate positive action.

Image shows a different aspects of the Venga brand in action: custom coins, photography of people having fun, and snippets of text. The brand is energetic and fun in tone.
Image is a mock up of a laptop screen with the text reading 'get in on the future of finance'. All letters are capitalised and the text is displayed in a large size on the screen for maximum impact.
Fiasco helped us create one of the most unique-looking brands in the crypto space today. Our aim is to be among the top three crypto apps in Europe, and having a solid and unique brand is one of the fundamental necessities for achieving this target. Thanks to Fiasco, we have precisely that and can now start conquering the European market
Michael, CEO at Venga

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