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We partnered with Theatre Bristol to create a striking new visual identity that reflects the organisation’s offer and vision.

Founded in 2005, Theatre Bristol is one of the only organisations in the UK with a sole focus on bespoke and free artist support and advocacy. They are renowned for their role in securing Bristol’s reputation for world-class live performance. Alongside this, they play a crucial role in driving activism on challenges within the live performance sector.

Brand Challenge

Following an extensive period of internal examination, Theatre Bristol decided that their brand identity was out-of-date and no longer reflected the ambitions of the organisation. Despite being a pioneering organisation in the South West, they lacked wider industry awareness of their work. Therefore we needed to bring clarity to their communications, both on and offline. 

We were brought on board to clarify their mission and create an identity that felt engaging and representative of a wide, more diverse artistic community. Primarily the new identity had to feel simultaneously nurturing and disruptive. Also practically speaking, it had to be easy for their in-house marketing team to utilise on a day-to-day basis.

In the world of theatre and live performance, the ‘Fourth Wall’ is used conceptually to represent the space which separates a performer or performance from an audience. By breaking the fourth wall, you create more intimacy between the actors and the audience. 

Our logo was founded on this concept. The text energetically breaks through the fourth edge; symbolising that Theatre Bristol provides a platform for their performers to gain confidence, and the resources they need to break boundaries and thrive.

Typographically, we needed a font that captured the slightly rebellious attitude of the brand, as well as being positive and a little off-beat.

Garnett from Sharp Foundry felt like a natural fit; a contemporary grotesque with subtle quirks that glows with affable quirkiness.

Theatre Bristol Type

The resulting toolkit brought together a halftone-duotone photography treatment to complement and unite the palette. We developed a textured, loose annotation suite that gave layouts and photography energy. Angled containers were brought in to mimic the dynamism of the logo and give typography contrast and impact.

Theatre Bristol Site Assets
Theatre Bristol Business Cards
Theatre Bristol Out of Home Advertisement
Theatre Bristol User Interface
Theatre Bristol Brand Guidelines
Theatre Bristol Logo Before and After Logo before & after
We finally feel like our brand captures our personality and tells the real story of who Theatre Bristol is and what we do. Fiasco did an amazing job of listening, learning, and translating into a brand that is both powerful and playful. Their team were super approachable, creative and responsive. We have really enjoyed working with them. Our messaging is now really clear, and Fiasco have created something we are proud to use and share with our community.
Eloise Tong, General Manager

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