Theatre Alibi 25

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Theatre Alibi are contemporary storytellers, creating work for all ages that moves freely between the intimate and the epic and aspires to be inventive, joyful, moving, vivid, intricate and ambitious

Their productions are marked by a passion for the live event – actors as storytellers, live music, a delight in revealing acts of transformation that would often be confined to the wings.

We were brought on board to breath fresh life into Theatre Alibi’s branding and website – bringing some of that joyful creativity centre stage.

Theatre Alibi 3
Theatre Alibi 2
Theatre Alibi 1
Theatre Alibi 15
Theatre Alibi 18
Theatre Alibi 6
Theatre Alibi 5
We love our new branding and website. Fiasco listened to us every step of the way and have delivered a colourful, easy to use, instantly recognisable branding package. We’re delighted. And to top it all off it’s been fun working with their friendly and collaborative team. What a treat.
Debbie Bucella, Marketing Manager

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