Flavour-filled brand identity for plant-based food start-up, that feeds your curiosity


Eat Curious is on a mission to help everyone discover new ways to eat healthy and delicious plant-based food, without taxing the planet. They put curiosity at the heart of everything they do. So much so, they’ve built their own vertical farm – a near-off-grid, plant playground built to research how to add even more flavour, nutrition and sustainability to the way we all eat.

As a new player in a growing market, our challenge was to create a B2B brand – ready for consumer rollout in the near future, that stands out in supermarket aisles and confronts the preconception that plant-based food means a compromise on taste.

The brand idea ‘Flavour favours the Curious’, was driven by the insight that many of us seek out meat-alternatives out of curiosity. Eat Curious serves to empower people to eat better, healthier, and more sustainably.

Unlike some of their competitors, Eat Curious isn’t crusading against the meat industry. It doesn’t matter if you’re veggie, vegan or flexi. It’s time to open the freezer door and feed your meat-free imagination.

Graphic that reads

To carry the brand idea we developed a visual language for the brand that’s full of flavour. Utilising Obviously from Oh No Type Foundry, the brand font is unapologetically bold, with luscious curves and details that are good enough to eat. This is complimented by a colour palette inspired by the different flavour profiles of their products. Energetic, outgoing and really packs a punch.

Graphic shows font selections for Eat Curious

Mouth-watering photography heroes the product, showcasing plant-based foods as a delicious choice in their own right. Celebrating look and taste, playful repeating patterns echo the food’s ‘unreal’ texture and add visual intrigue.

Products are shot individually to be utilised on the website for a playful user experience; with cutouts also appearing across social media and packaging. Colour is used to signify the food type and help create ranges of products that sit well together on the shelf.

Image shows behind the scenes of Eat Curious photography shoot
Image shows photo of Eat Curious nuggets
Image shows a billboard to advertise plant-based food brand, Eat Curious.
Image shows new packaging for plant-based brand, Eat Curious
Gif shows new branded packaging tape for plant-based brand, Eat Curious
OOH billboard design for plant-based brand, Eat Curious

We worked with Madrid-based illustrator, Miguel Angel Camprubi, to push the brand narrative further. A vibrant suite of illustrations reinforce the feel-good nature of the brand and help to visualise the overarching theme of curiosity. Illustrated characters on the site lift the brand off screen and work to position sustainable eating as accessible for all.

Illustrations by Miguel Angel Camprubi for plant-based brand, Eat Curious

To bring the brand to life online, we designed and built a digital home for Eat Curious that’s vibrant, bold and playful.

The website was never taught not to play with its food. Curious and unexpected interactions drive the brand narrative, whilst a set of motion principles add extra flex to typography and illustrative elements.

Eat Curious 1
Eat Curious Web UI
We now have a brand that reflects who we are as a company and what we stand for. The entire Fiasco team were excellent to work with and their level of creativity, attention to detail and commitment to excellence has made all the difference. We are confident that our brand will continue to thrive and grow under their guidance and we are excited to see where our partnership will take us in the future.
Preyesh Patel, Co-Founder
Image shows before and after logo of Eat Curious Logo before and after

Thanks to Resh, Preyesh and the whole team at Eat Curious for their bravery and commitment to the process.

Special mention for our partners who helped us to realise the vision: Jo Lilford for the brand strategy; Tom Brown for the words; Alan Newnham and Rachel Miles for photography and food styling; Miguel Angel Camprubi for the illustrations; and Yatta for the 3D.

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