Larmer Tree Festival 2

Illustration-led visual identity for “the happiest, friendliest, quirkiest festival in the land”.


We were brought onboard to bring some much needed quirkiness and joy to the Larmer Tree Festival visual identity. We gave the logo a lick of paint, the typography a subtle hand-printed feel and illustrated a full suite of hand-drawn illustrations. This new visual language was then rolled out across all visual communications, including festival programme, promotional print materials, merchandise, digital adverts and the website.

The Larmer Tree Festival branding is rooted to the festival site – Larmer Tree Gardens; ex-privately owned gardens on the Rushmore Estate in Cranborne Chase.  Peacocks roam the gardens and have done for years. Sensitive to this, we redrew the Larmer Tree peacock to give it better balance and legibility at smaller sizes.

Larmer Tree Festival 9
Larmer Tree Festival 6
Larmer Tree Festival 3 A full suite of illustrations created specifically for the new branding

Larmer Tree Festival 1
Larmer Tree Festival 5
Larmer Tree Festival 4
Larmer Tree Festival 8
Larmer Tree Festival 7

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