A confident brand refresh for a California-based SaaS tech company, that adds a human touch to a digital world.


In this fast-paced digital world, technology has transformed just about everything. But often, more code means more problems – as things inevitably break. Blameless is a product developed specifically to help enterprise businesses fix their software when things go wrong. Their revolutionary software resolves incidents directly in Slack, Microsoft Teams and Google Chat, while automatically capturing insights to build a stronger system for tomorrow.

A leader in their field, Blameless works with big name brands: including Under Armour, Ticketmaster, Zoopla and Vimeo. But in an increasingly crowded market, they required a re-invigorated identity to match their years of experience and dominance in the field. We worked closely with the Blameless team to create a confident and comprehensive brand that reflects their uniquely human approach to incident management technology.

Blameless brand idea

Resilient Teams = Reliable Software

The brand idea is built on the insight that incidents themselves aren’t actually the biggest problem: it’s the human chaos they create. The software brings everyone together; allowing teams to assemble, communicate and resolve issues as they happen. So, the brand narrative was built upon this idea of empowering people to solve problems quickly, openly, and with less stress.

Having built up a reputation for reliability, Blameless were keen to retain elements of the existing brand. The previous logo featured a lozenge underneath the B, so to push the brand forward we extrapolated it and made it a prominent feature of the logo mark. Combined, these lozenge shapes reference digital messaging services and nod to the free-flowing communication that the software advocates.

Digital, With A Human Touch

Not wanting to alienate long-standing customers, we built out the existing brand colour palette to include a broader range of purple hues, as well as pops of blue, mint and white. The more mature use of colour helps to suggest reliability and sets Blameless apart as the front-runners in their industry.

To further cement their trustworthiness, we combined GT Super with sans serif Messina to create a feel that is dependable, yet contemporary – and nods to the digital realm in which Blameless exist

Blameless 6

Simplifying Complexity

We built out an illustrative style that would allow the team at Blameless to explain the various complexities of their software in a simpler way. To be used by multiple teams within Blameless, the illustration style had to flex to suit a number of different functions: from data visualisation, to complex product explanations and social content.

Simplifying the software for illustrative purposes allowed us to delve deep within the product itself to bring out the features and benefits, whilst still being accessible to prospective customers.

From Fail to Flourish…

The new, comprehensive brand identity distinguishes Blameless from its competitors by humanising the digital world of incident software management. Showing the transformative effect of the software itself, in taking teams from chaotic to confident.

Rather than focus purely on the many product features it boasts, the new brand allows these to shine by showing their very real human impact on the people that use Blameless day-to-day. Because empowered teams are more productive, better for business, and happier people, too.

Blameless 5
Working with Fiasco was a game-changer for us. Before Fiasco, we had no cohesive brand identity, our graphics did not support the message we were trying to convey, and our brand did not represent the professionalism we wanted. Fiasco worked with us to develop an entirely new visual identity from scratch based on a thorough amount of research they did. That new identity translated really well to our new website. We couldn’t be happier with the results.
Sarah Perry, Growth Marketing Manager at Blameless
Blameless 8 Logo Before and After

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