The National Open Youth Orchestra (NOYO) is a world first – an ambitious national youth orchestra launched in September 2018 to give some of the UK’s most talented young disabled musicians a platform. It promotes musical excellence, empowering disabled and non-disabled musicians aged 11-25 to train and perform together as members of a pioneering ensemble.

We worked in collaboration with the team at NOYO to create a system that allows their members to compose bespoke icons, that in turn feed into on and offline applications, putting the young people at the heart of the organisations branding.

These bespoke icons are then combined with an accessible, easy-to-read font – designed for people with learning disabilities, and a vibrant colour palette to create an expressive, playful visual identity that reflects the organisations creative side.

Find out more about NOYO and their fantastic work here.

We devised a grid system along with a number of coloured, cut-out shapes. During a series of workshops the young people were asked to place the shapes into the grid in any arrangement they wished. The results were then photographed and digitised to create a suite of unique icons.

NOYO Stop Motion Gif
NOYO 10 A selection of logos both by the musicians of NOYO and Fiasco Design to demonstrate the range of variations.

Business card design for NOYO charity branding by Fiasco Design

poster design for NOYO charity branding by Fiasco Design

We're excited about how versatile our new branding is. It expresses the boldness and individuality of the orchestra beautifully. Our work comes with extra layers of complexity, for example in terms of website accessibility. Thank you Fiasco for going the extra mile!
Julia Le, Communications Manager

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