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Branding with urgency for sustainability experts.


Twelve is a team of experienced sustainability consultants working with some of the world’s best-loved brands to increase their positive impact on the environment.

The name Twelve comes from a United Nations climate change report published in 2019, which stresses that there are just 12 years left to act in order to prevent catastrophic and irreversible climate change.

We therefore set out to convey a sense of urgency in the branding; reflecting the idea that time for action is running out.

Twelve 19

Our concept revolved around the simple idea of twelve bars, each representing a single year. For each year that passes a bar in the logo falls over.

This was applied both in static applications in the form of 12 logo variants, as well as an animated logo to be used online and in presentations. 

"The Fiasco team nailed it. Their idea of marking down the time bar each year was genius, and reflects the urgency of our work, whilst the softer colour palette and clean, open fonts speak to our positive approach and our relentless optimism. We’re sure this brand identity will help us as we go out into the world and create even more positive impact"
Jessica Ferrow, Director

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