We have partnered with global non-profit organisation BSR, and the founders of Transform to Net Zero, to deliver a brand identity and website befitting of international change-makers. 

The world is at a tipping point. Rising global temperatures are causing catastrophic events around the world. From forest fires and droughts, to glacial melts and flash floods, global warming threatens our very existence.

The 2016 Paris Agreement promised to limit global warming to 1.5º to mitigate irreversible damage to our planet. Five years on, and we’re fast approaching this impending figure.

Transform to Net Zero is a cross-sector initiative which aims to accelerate the transition to a net zero global economy. Founded in 2020 by a coalition of prominent brands and climate leaders, including: Danone, Maersk, Mercedes-Benz, Microsoft, Natura &Co, Nike Inc., Starbucks, Unilever, Wipro, EDF, and more. Specifically, by 2025, Transform to Net Zero aims for all Fortune Global 1000 companies to have targets backed up by plans, to achieve net zero no later than 2050. 

Working in close partnership with BSR and the founding brands, we developed an arresting and dynamic brand identity for the initiative. The design not only captures a sense of positive collaborative action, but reflects the resolute urgency required to protect the future of life on earth.

The primary focus of the coalition is to galvanise global businesses and drive the transformation to limit global warming to 1.5ºC, as promised in the Paris Agreement.

As a core part of the visual identity, we designed a symbol to hero this numerical objective; a 1.5 degree line pulled sharply into focus by a framing device.

Our colour palette and use of gradients is informed by natural materials and heat maps. These were employed to offer a different take on sustainability brand colours – avoiding the usual greens, and conveying a sense of optimism. Moving gradients bring a sense of dynamism to the identity; constantly in flux and always shifting.

Meanwhile our typographic system was designed with accessibility and multiple languages in mind. A modern sans-serif (Manrope) is paired with a mono-spaced typeface (IBM Plex Mono) to create a system which is highly legible, both in print and digital applications.

Transform to Net Zero 2
Transform to Net Zero 10
Transform to Net Zero 11
Transform to Net Zero 8
Transform to Net Zero 3
Transform to Net Zero 12

Great work is only made possible by great clients. With thanks to all involved in the project, specifically to David Wei and Dean Matsueda at BSR.

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