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& Rio Olympics

A fully illustrated, interactive map of Rio uncovering the secrets of 2016 Olympic Games

Severed limbs, disease and Russian doping scandals… not quite your typical Olympic build up. Needless to say, we couldn’t resist creating something to celebrate the 2016 Olympics, so we designed and built an interactive map, brimming with factual pop-ups and nuggets of controversy surrounding the Games.

Our fully illustrated and animated map was injected with all of the vibrance and joy you’d expect from Rio, and features a whole host of interactive ways to discover news and information surrounding the Olympics. From a ‘Where’s Wally’ style Guantanamo prisoner hunt to finding hidden body parts scattered across the map, there are some fittingly novel ways to find out about some pretty outrageous news stories.

The map was featured in Design Week, The Drum, Creative Bloq and Creative Boom.

Experience it in full here

A fun and refreshingly honest take on the Brazilian city
Dom Carter, Creative Bloq

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