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& Overgrown

Punchy, tongue-in-cheek branding for YouTube channel aimed at a new wave of young gardeners

There’s a growing movement of digitally engaged consumers that love their indoor jungles and ‘plant babies’. With a vision to connect these consumers to something that’s contemporary, opinion driving and versatile – a team of plant and digital experts came to us for help bringing this start-up to life.

The brief was to create branding for their YouTube channel, at an 22-34 y/o audience that moves away from the classic terminology, subverts the countryside pageantry, and instead creates a dynamic and youthful brand that inspires a new generation of plant lovers.

Overgrown is a simple embodiment of flipping industry norms on its head. Distilling the wild, imperfect and unconfined vision of the founding team we developed a punchy and rebellious identity system that favours attitude, community and DIY aesthetic.

Developing everything from the name and key messaging, to illustrated stickers and motion idents our team carefully adopted a playful and mould breaking style using Sharp Type’s ‘Sharp Grotesk‘, layered graphics, bright colour palette, and punchy animation principles.

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