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& New Life

New Life – an experiment in storytelling.

Taking a week away from client work, we selected a small team of copywriters, designers and developers to explore the art of interactive storytelling. The question being, could we use basic web-based technologies and low poly 3D animation to bring a heartfelt story to life?

And so we created ‘New Life’, an interactive journey through Peter Rollins‘ dark but touching parable, about a woman’s struggle with grief.

Setting the pace

Requiring user interaction throughout, the narrative helps immerse the viewer into the story and hopefully forms a deeper connection to the message being told.

We invested time into fine tuning the pace of the story using audio queues and delays within animated typography.

Experience the story at a-new.life.

Alternatively, if you’d like to learn a little more about the process of how we made New Life, you can read a short write up on our blog.

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