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An annual report that truly engages with the big issues facing our planet


Working with businesses and government to influence change, Forum for the Future is a non-profit organisation striving to reinvent the way the world works when it comes to sustainability. They drive change by recognising and reporting on the key global challenges we currently face, with the intention then to drive systemic change by partnering up with organisations to implement best-practice changes.

After a successful project on The Future of Sustainability in 2018 the challenge for the 2019 report was to engage readers effectively (online and in print) and communicate the urgency of the 7 global challenges to sustainability: Plastic Pollution, Climate Breakdown & Migration, Nationalism, Living Online, Participatory Democracy, Consumerism in Asia & Loss of Biodiversity.

With such big themes, we knew we needed something immersive.

Working across digital and print, we helped the organisation to develop their existing branding to create a style for the report that is content-focused and feels immersive; weaving together the 7 global trends through a seamless single-page interactive experience.

View the microsite here

The microsite was also developed in tandem with a printed version of the yearly report. Our goal was to maintain consistency across the digital and print publication while also making a few accomodations to make the most of each medium. In print, for example, the contents section had to be completely reimagined.

We’re delighted with the digital and print report and very much enjoyed working with Fiasco on the project. With a dedicated team of experts on hand, Fiasco delivered a very complex project against tight deadlines and were quick to respond to content challenges and changing needs. Together, we’ve told some hard and difficult truths through amazing web design and a slick, compelling print product that will help us engage a huge range of audiences.
Amy Langridge, Head of Marketing at Forum for the Future

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