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Farmed seafood is seen as a solution to the chronic overfishing of our oceans but under the surface lies one of the most unsustainable industrial practices on the planet. We worked with Changing Markets Foundation to create a digital experience that exposes the truth behind a multi-billion dollar industry.


More than half of the seafood that we eat is farmed. 

We worked with Changing Markets Foundation to build a campaign site that tells the story of the crisis and puts pressure on the industry to make positive change.

As the world’s fastest-growing food production sector, farmed seafood will account for 60% of global fish consumption by 2030. This over-farming of the oceans is causing global fish populations to crash.

Farmed fish and prawns are fed fishmeal and fish oil made up of minced and pressed wild fish that is trawled from the oceans, threatening wildlife and communities who rely on fish for food.

The reality of mass fishing for the production of fish food

Illustrated image of seagulls to support branding for Changing Markets Foundation

Illustrated image of seagulls to support branding for Changing Markets Foundation

In order to convey the severity of the message and avoid characterisation, we decided to implement a low-poly illustration style, using a mix of 2D and 3D elements.

We then offset the harsh, angular elements with a subtle animated watercolour background and added text animations to create a more natural, fluid look and feel.

Individual illustrated scenes from the campaign site

At the time of writing, Changing Markets Foundation has received more than 80,000 signatures on their online petition.

The website has also been recognised within the creative industry, picking up a number of awards from awwwards.com including; Site of the Day, Developer and Mobile Excellence award.

GIF of whale illustration to support Changing Markets Foundation
The team at Fiasco went over and above to build us a hard hitting, visually striking and unique campaign platform to give a hidden issue of sustainable seafood the airtime it deserves. Their creativity and diligence has made the campaign far more impactful and helped to expose the crisis we face. As if this wasn’t enough, the team have been eminently flexible, communicative and enjoyable to work with throughout the project.
George Harding-Rolls, Campaigns Adviser at Changing Markets

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