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An animated introduction to Changes Bristol, a peer-led mental health charity


Changes Bristol offer free peer-led support groups for people who are concerned about their mental health, have been diagnosed with mental health issues, or cannot afford to pay for counselling/wait for a referral on the NHS.

Providing clarity


It became evident early on that although the charity had a strong local presence, the message of what the charity does was getting lost, and there were misconceptions around fee’s and needing to be referred by a doctor.

We decided that a short animated film, explaining who they are and what they do  would help to debunk common misunderstandings about the charity, paint a clearer picture of what peer support groups involve and promote the fact that it’s entirely free.

The bigger picture


The overall concept was to represent a large community, the individuals and perspectives within it. Through zooming in and out of a large group of people, the intention was to give the impression of being part of something bigger; a support network.

This central idea helped steer our decisions in regards to look and feel. The design of the characters aimed to be inclusive of all ages ranges, genders and race, and the colour palette looked to embody the calming nature of the services the charity provides.

Illustrating Mental Health


Having toyed with a few options of how best to illustrate negative thoughts, we settled on a fairly abstract ‘scratchy scribble’ device. We didn’t want this looking smooth or comfortable, so we used a choppy, stuttering animation to convey an unsettled mind. We also added rough animated textures within the background to exaggerate the effect.

An authentic voice


The script was developed in close partnership with Changes Bristol to ensure it had an authentic voice and stayed true to the values of the charity. It needed to sound honest, comforting and approachable – and with a little help from friend of the studio and voice over artist, Brendan Lines, we think we got the balance just right.

Enjoy the video below and for more information or to talk about your own mental health, please visit Changes Bristol

Working with Fiasco is a dream. They explained each stage of the design process clearly and were always professional and approachable. But most impressive is how well the animation they created for us strikes the tone of our charity: it's friendly, calming and engaging. In short: it feels like 'us'. It's fresh, easy to understand and is going to be an incredible resource for us. So much care has gone into the work and the end result is something we would never have been able to dream up. They are magic.
Tara Robinson, Service Manager at Changes Bristol

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