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It’s no secret that the UK’s design workforce is made up from a small section of society – mostly male from higher income backgrounds. Yet our experience tells us that when people from different backgrounds and walks of life come together, creativity thrives.

Every person in the Fiasco team brings a unique perspective  and our work is all the better for it. Diversity in design isn’t just about creating better work, but also a better studio culture which represents the world we want to live in.

We’ve always actively encouraged anyone to apply for our annual summer internship. In the past we’ve taken on interns from all corners of the UK and from all walks of life. Our ambition this time round is to take it one step further. This year, our Open Internship is exactly that: open to anyone. Openly open.

We’re putting creativity above all else. And we’re taking measures to make it easier for people from different backgrounds to apply;

  • No CV required; we don’t care about how you got here, just where you want to go.
  • Fully paid; we don’t work for free so you shouldn’t either.
  • Travel and accommodation covered; we believe in in-person working, so for those not based locally we’re helping people to get to and stay in Bristol.


We hope that by taking positive action we can encourage others to do so too. But most of all, we hope to hear from those who may have previously felt that they weren’t able to apply.

If you’d like to find out more about what’s involved, click the button below for a full job spec and details on how to apply.