In the Net: This week Kano, Urthecast and the brilliant new Hiscox Ad

This week we take a look at the lego-like simplicity of the new children’s computer Kano, a thought-provoking website about the effects of Altzeimer’s and the making of the new Hiscox ad featuring famous faces.


Hearing their talk at this weeks Canvas conference made converts of us all. This easy-to-use and beautifully designed hardware kit is encouraging children to make computers all over the world, teaching them essential programming skills along the way.


A screenshot from the I Remember website
I Remember

I Remember is a website where users need to upload their memories to save the site from disappearing, creating an engaging and clever symbol of how the disease of Alzheimer’s affects it’s sufferers.

Visit the site »


Making of the new Hiscox ad

A genuinely enthralling insight into the making of an impressive new advert for Hiscox home insurance. Featuring projection mapping, 3D modelling and genius set-building from London-based Found studio.

View on Vimeo »


Made you Look

From the guys at Look+Yes, this Kickstarter campaign for Made You Look caught our eye. The idea is simple, help them finish their much-needed documentary about the UK graphic arts scene.

View the Kickstarter »



Earlier this week we were blown away by this little known enterprise UrtheCast, who are in the process of creating the worlds first open-source access to live satellite imagery complete with APIs and a whole host of uses.

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