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Fiasco 3.0: Faster & more flexible

Towards the end of the summer, we started to discuss the idea of a re-brand and re-positioning ourselves. Our current brand and web presence was letting us down. It didn’t accurately portray where we were presently, more where we had been. This needed to change. It’s always important to keep moving forward if you want to continue to develop as a business. We felt strongly that our existing brand was not in-line with the work we were doing and the clients we were working for. Our website (featured above) felt rigid and dated with key aspects such as social integration and mobile compatibility ignored. So often we would preach to our clients about the importance of mobile and being considerate to the user and yet we were falling down in these very same areas. Essentially, we weren’t practising what we preached and this had to change. To help us do this, we set out a number of criteria for the new brand, of which the core objective was: to create an identity and online presence that was more refined, more mature, more confident but that still reflected us and the type of work we carry out at Fiasco.


We ran a number of internal workshops, working through key words and developing an overall picture of what the final brand mark and website needed to include.

Logo development

Part of our development towards the new brand mark. The emphasis here was on creating a bold, graphic icon that would act as a supporting device to our main typelogo.

Fiasco Design final icon

The final brand icon including guides.

Fiasco Design typelogo

What we’ve created is a master brand using a customised regular Euclid font. Adaptions have been made to all of the characters. The counter of the “a” has been rounded off, whilst the bowl has been created from a perfect circle.Similar work has been done to the “s”, “c”, “o”, “e” and “g”. The “g” has also had the descender extended as well as the angle of the tail altered. The shape of the dot or tittle on the “i” has been altered to offer more balance.

To assist with the building of the styling of the website and marketing materials, we created a style guide and set of brand guidelines. By doing this, we were able to keep a coherence and consistency through everything we put together.

Original sketches from initial brainstorming sessions regarding the new website.

Fiasco Design wireframe

Initial static wireframe concepts and development for the new website.

Working wireframes which have been refined after a series of tests.


Fast forward 5 months and what we have created is Fiasco Design 3.0. Our third internal re-position in so many years. We’ve stuck to the brief, never straying to far from the scoping document we put together at the beginning of the process. Having a list of key factors that we intended to convey close by has acted as a filter for any work put forward. Does it meet the brief? Does it tick off all the boxes? Does it have the right voice? Having this check list at hand, meant we kept focus on the end goal and our previously set objectives.

We’ve created a brand that is both mature and confident but that is also characterful alongside a website which offers the same user experience across mobile platforms as well as quick sharing capabilities and a flexible content management system.

All-in-all, we’re really happy with what we’ve produced and the timeframe in which we’ve managed to complete it in. Self-initiated projects are often the hardest to finalise as deadlines get stretched and the goal posts are constantly being moved. However, setting out a set of objectives from the start, with a clear list of criteria has helped us to make quick, informed decisions and kept the process on track.

That said, we’re always looking for input and feedback from fellow industry types. So, if you disagree with any of the above or feel like we’ve over-looked a key factor in the process, please do let us know as we’d love to hear from you.


Fiasco Design Business cards

Printed business cards. Gold foil block on a matt black 540 gsm colourplan card.

There were a number of different criteria we set out for the new website. The main issue with our old site was flexibility. We were forced to work with a fixed width site built over a bespoke CMS. What we’ve created is a fully responsive WordPress website that offers users the same experience from desktop to mobile as well as a flexible management system that allows us flexibility with image sizes and content arrangement.

We spent a lot of time on the testing stage of the project, making sure that we delivered the same user experience across all desktop and mobile devices.


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Fine Fonts for Free, our top 10 free quality fonts ready to downloadIt was Steve Jobs, who in 1984, launched the first Apple Macintosh complete with a range of typefaces named after a few of his favourite cities including Chicago, New York, Geneva and Monaco. These simple bitmap fonts were the start of a digital type revolution. The online and digital environment has changed the world of […]

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Facebook Timeline: A new kind of Profile, whats changed?It’s no secret. Facebook is big. Really really big. If it was a country it would be the third biggest in the world. With over 800 million users worldwide, questions have recently been thrown up over privacy issues and sharing your data with companies looking to sell you their latest products and services. With the […]

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Saul Bass: A Life in Film & Design, one of the greatest designers of the 20th CenturyThis Christmas we were lucky enough to be given a copy of the first book ever to be published on one of the greatest designers of the 20th Century – Saul Bass. Famous for both his work in film as well as his corporate identity and graphic work, Saul Bass was a master of the […]