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Design & Art in Rural Spaces – Inspiration Comes From EverywhereWe love big cities. They inspire, shape, mould, change and push people to do great things. Their collective social power is strong. But, we also believe in the power of the creative communities we find in Bristol and other smaller cities, as well as the countless small towns and villages with artistic hubs up and […]

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Why It’s Important to Never Lose the Underdog SpiritChampioning the little guy. Saying no to the man. Battling against the system. The underdog is classified as ‘a person in adversity or in a position of inferiority,’ and during these politically hardened, socially unjust, divisive times, more of us, especially in the creative industries, are putting ourselves in this category. Worry not however, as […]

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Why Travel and Design are Two Industries Made for Each OtherA lot of people involved in the creative industries, and we at FD are no exception, are avid travellers. We enjoy the thrill of exploring new cultures much in the same way we enjoy finding that new design inspiration or piece of art that really makes us tick and want to move on to the […]

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Practice What You Preach: What You SayIn the first of two posts, we explore why what you have to say is important – and isn’t just restricted to your Clients. We’re always being approached to look at a brands tone of voice and evaluate the way they communicate so it’s only fitting that we sit down and evaluate ours. When directors […]

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